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It's Ali's vision that more mutual understanding exists between the Emiratis and the non-Emiratis so that the harmony between the cultures can be maintained. By learning how to value differences as a cultural enrichment, living together including the quality of life can be improved.

In order to implement this vision, Ali views it as his mission to spread cultural awareness about the Arabian culture in general and specifically the Emirati cultural, by offering speeches, intercultural workshops, training courses, tour-guiding for business employees, tourists and students. By conveying authentic knowledge about the UAE culture from a local's perspective as a self-appointed ambassador of culture in a witty, creative and easily understandable way, others will not only be able to learn to think "outside the box" but will also learn more about the cultural norms and values of the UAE and what they mean. Spreading cultural knowledge is a memorable and unique way to support each other towards a positive future.

However, supporting each other can be done on so many levels: spiritually, emotionally and financially. One of the core principles of our culture and our Islamic faith is to give charity (zakat) to those in need. For Ali, charity means "greening the world," bringing life to the world because just like the plants and trees, we humans also need water to survive and to prosper. Therefore, every time a sponsor supports Ali, each leaf on the tree below becomes greener. His way of charity is by giving 10% of what he earns by each event, speech, workshop etc. to those in need. In the near future, Ali is planning to establish his own Ask Ali Foundation but this can only be achieved with time and if more sponsors financially support Ali with his mission.

How can you support Ali's mission? There are many options. You can use Ali's offering services, for example, just book Ali and choose whether you want to go on a tour with him, visit his workshops or take his advice as a cultural consultant.

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