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Ali customizes each presentation to the audience he addresses because he believes the personal details make an impact. These are some of his famous powerful speeches he has delivered to give you a feel for the subject matter.

It’s All About Local Knowledge My Environment, My Identity
An unintimidating and interactive introduction to Emirati culture that will help you adopt, accept and overcome any social challenges you might face in the Middle East. Peppered with amusing anecdotes, this presentation will teach you when it’s OK to shake an Arab woman’s hand, why the men here rub noses and what the “insh’allah” really means.

In this motivational speech Ali will share a real example of how he became more Environmentally-Friendly. Also Ali will highlight what kind of approach makes a person more Echo-Friendly and what is required in people to be equipped with to show understanding and appreciation to our environment. This will be an unintimidating and interactive introduction to how Environment is key in Ali's Emirati culture, and how important it is for every single attendee to take responsibility by sharing his and her part of saving and contributing positively into our environment so the generation can appreciate and enjoy this planet after us.

Think Quality I No Longer Work, I Create
Ali will take you on a journey on Thinking Quality. Think quality presentation will be delivered in a very interactive and entertaining style where it motivates the audience into asking themselves the million dollar question, what should I do or have to think quality. Through various local and international stories and cases. By also challenging the audience on many different examples on how to overcome any challenge on thinking quality.

This motivational speech encourages listeners to "be passionately creative" when searching for solutions. The letters of his name, A-L-I, stand for Action, Learn and Inspire, and he will share his story about how this simple three-step device can change your life and strengthen your leadership approach and character.

Be a Pioneer or Disappear! EMBRACE RAMADAN
An impassioned call to look to the past to build the UAE's future. Using highlights from his own journey of self-discovery, Ali shows how culture is a crucial in building a solid educational system. His pride in his Emirati heritage will inspire others to develop their natural talents and use them in their careers.

An unintimidating and interactive introduction to Islamic culture that will help you adopt, accept and overcome any challenges you might face in the Islamic world. Peppered with amusing anecdotes, this presentation will teach you how to embrace Ramadan, when it's OK to shake and Aran woman's hand, why the men here rub noses and what does "insh'Allah" really mean.

A Tale of 7 Emirates & Cultures  
Ali Alsaloom will be presenting the popular format "Ask Ali – live", an unintimidating and interactive introduction to Emirati history, heritage and culture and more, all in an engaging and interactive way with the audience. Taking the participants into a tale of 7 emirates and different cultures into the 41st National Day celebration..
Peppered with amusing stories from the past to highlighting the Federation timeline in a live performance style while answering the guests their questions live, from why the men here rub noses and what the "insh'allah" really means, and why woman wear black abayas while men wear white, UAE Flag stories, to Falconry and more.. They will also experience a journey into faith and culture by learning more about the core cultural values of the country and people.



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