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The Knowledge Gateway
It is the portal for the training platform for site members

The portal grants a monthly membership to the member and the member with a symbolic monthly subscription that gives you benefit from the training content inspiring in theory and practice in addition to special sessions to answer members’ questions
All this through hundreds of sessions, meetings and clips that were previously implemented and were uploaded via the platform or through new lectures that are uploaded directly to the platform, in short, we will provide everything to you for a very small fee !!

In addition to the weekly interactive live events online with Ali and meet him directly every week to receive your questions and inquiries and to help you develop your skills.
And benefit from his experience and expertise in several areas.

What you’ll get:


Total Unlimited Access to all of Ali’s online video courses and live event video footage, plus first access to soon-to-be-released courses and exclusive unreleased video & audio content.


Live Online Events every week, where you can ask questions and interact directly with Ali and the other members of the group.
(this is special where Ali reads your comments live and interact with you directly)


A Private Facebook Group where you can connect and get support from other members who are actually doing the work and stepping into what they truly are. (You will unlock a whole new list of assets just by joining this group).


Get 20% off all Ali Alsaloom live events that are produced by the Knowledge Gateway production. (Including our upcoming – leadership boot camp program, more details soon.)


You will make a very mall investment for a greater value in return.

By committing to your own development and evolution you will start seeing your whole life completely change for the better.
From mental, to spiritual, to financial and relationship, this is your investment to the real meaning of freedom, feeling empowered to make the right and best decisions in life that makes you fulfill your ambition, passion, dreams and beyond.
This is a call for life balance and growth.

Something Awesome is happening on the planet right now.

I’m here with my team here to support you whenever you’re ready.


6,319.44 Algerian Dinar | 18.86 Omani Rial | 183.71 Saudi Riyal | 58,749.33 Iraqi Dinar | 477.22 Moroccan Dirham | 179.98 United Arab Emirates Dirham



You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

What format is the content in?2020-06-30T19:22:23+04:00

All of our courses are available in both streaming video, pre-recorded presentations and soon in audio format..

Do I have to be on Facebook to take part in The Knowledge Gateway Pass?2020-06-30T19:23:15+04:00

No, you do not need to be on Facebook to participate and get access to all of the Ali Alsaloom content in the member area of the website. However, if you ever do decide to create or reactivate your Facebook account, the The Knowledge Gateway Pass Facebook Community will be waiting for you!

What is the cancellation policy / how do I cancel?2020-06-30T19:23:30+04:00

There’s no time period of commitment for The Absolutely Everything Pass. In the event you ever want to cancel, just email us with the cancellation request and your current cycle will finish out.

Can I communicate with Ali on the Facebook Private Group?2020-06-30T19:23:47+04:00

Absolutely! The Facebook Private group is mainly for our members where they own Ali and can ask and interact with him during his Live sessions that are scheduled weekly.

How is this so cheap?2020-06-30T19:24:04+04:00

Ali has been inspired to keep prices low so that this content can be available to as many people as possible…the more people we reach, the cheaper it can be for everyone! So share with friends :)

What is the cancellation policy / how do I cancel?2020-06-30T19:24:24+04:00

There’s no time period of commitment for The Knowledge Gateway Pass. In the event you ever want to cancel, just email us with the cancellation request and your current cycle will finish out.

Will the live weekly online events with Ali be recorded and available if I can’t make them live?2020-06-30T19:24:40+04:00

Yes, the calls will be recorded and archived immediately to be watched and re-watched at your leisure!

What do I get as a member of The Knowledge Gateway Pass?2020-06-30T19:24:58+04:00

As an Knowledge Gateway Pass member—in addition to unlimited access to every online course we’ve ever created and every course we will create in the future—you also get access to awesome things like live weekly online events with Ali where you can ask questions, a private Facebook community of like-minded individuals and live event discounts.