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Discover yourself

Embark on your journey path to the horizon

Have you ever heard a voice in you whispering in your being, dreaming of success?
Have you ever wondered: What does it mean to discover myself?
What happens after this discovery?
Have you ever thought about the success you really want and not what other people want?
Do you feel passionate about what you do toward your goals?
If you are looking for some or all of the answers to these questions, we invite you on a unique trip to attend an interactive, interactive training program through (Knowledge Gate) that mixes knowledge, experience, experience and reflection over a period of 3 weeks with
a. Ali Al Saloom, accompanied by a change advisor. Mohammed Al-Saqqaf

Through a scientific material designed to present complex concepts and information in an accessible and clear manner through an easy-to-use digital platform. The content is specially designed for the online course with a preparatory file before the program between reading, questions and visual viewing

Through a variety of interactive elements between face-to-face training and direct interactive discussion with the participants
Use a variety of methods to achieve interaction in yourself and with those around you

Practical application is an essential component of our digital training program that links the acquired knowledge with the experimental experience and reveals to each trainee the necessary development areas for him.

Program axes:

Learn to discover your true passion and why you may not hear it
Design your unique formula for change and success
Draw your path with confidence and plan with an innovative methodology
Consciously set out to realize your dream and your vision
Face the hurdles of your journey “Self-confidence, fear of failure”
Explore the paths of excellence in your journey where the horizon is

Program details

Program type:
remote executive “online”
Types of activities: lecture, individual and group exercises, discussions, meditation spaces, practical applications
Pre-program: access to auxiliary preparatory material sent to the participants
After the program: Sending the training material, any attachments that have been referred, and certificates of appreciation for passing the first stage of the (Knowledge Gate) courses
Number of units: 3 digital training modules “online”
Unit Duration: 2 hours
Attendance platform: ZOOM
Submit the training material, and any attachments indicated

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The value of investing in the training program (discover yourself)
$137 USD