Training and Lectures by Ali Alsaloom – insights into the Emirati Culture

Duroob Al Riyada

An inspiring talk by Ali to motivate your audience to understand and appreciate the power of knowledge and being aware on how to effectively be unique in what you deliver, maximum impact on your society workforce.

Inspiring – Motivating – Energetic – Uplifting

To be a Pioneer or Disappear

A lecture calling for self-discovery before it’s too late. A very inspiring interactive lecture that forces attendees to reflect and hold oneself accountable for today’s achievements, failures or lessons to take advantage of for development and improvement… This interactive lecture also encourages creativity, innovation and enthusiasm when looking for solutions. And the importance of passion in continuing this discovery.

Inspiring – Motivating – Energetic – Uplifting

Inter-Cultural Awareness Training

Educational and informative official intercultural awareness workshop, delivered to all new comers and international organizations, working and living in the Arab world. 

Informative – Educational – Energetic – Uplifting

Ask Ali Live

It’s all about local knowledge, a perfect session to learn & entertain your audience to know more about the UAE.

Cultural – Educational – Inspiring – Entertaining

Mawazin Hayat

A journey to appreciate the great values of life which helps to overcome the challenges you may face.

Inspiring – Motivating – Spiritual – Uplifting

Break a Bread & Bridge Cultures

Ask Ali on Ramadan and More.

Cultural- Educational – Inspiring – Spiritual